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Hello Kitty Foam Wall Decoration (28.5x52.5 cm)


Hello Kitty Foam Wall Decoration (28.5x52.5 cm) EAN: 5410905235608

Total stock: 2,663 pieces
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Item nr17397
Content per box48 pieces
Contents per pallet720 pieces
Length box57 cm
Width box32 cm
Height box49 cm
Weight box10,400 gram

Price per box order: € 0.99
€ 0.99 x 48 pieces = € 47.52

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Price per pallet order: € 0.60
€ 0.60 x 720 pieces = € 432.00

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Price per Take-All order: € 0.45
€ 0.45 x 2663 pieces = € 1,198.35

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