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Relaxdays - Hanging organizer storage with 35 compartments


Relaxdays - Hanging organizer storage with 35 compartments.

Returning tasks in the household are familiar to everyone. You often do not find a space-saving solution for items that you use every day, and that cleaning up is often superfluous. You can easily solve this problem with the handy hanging organizer in XXL format. Almost no other article offers so much intelligent storage and where you keep the overview. The dust-based storage system ensures that you can quickly find the objects again and, thanks to the beautiful design and the warm beigetoon with brown fabric edges, fits well in any interior. The foldable storage has the sizes in a suspended condition of approx. 125 x 33 cm. If you do not use the cupboard, you can fold the cupboard with the dimensions 33 x 7 cm. The robust and easy-to-care material made of breathable fleece provides easy access when folded. The hanging organizer can therefore be used and completed as often as you like and is a storage miracle in every room and also when camping. The suspension organizer had a total of 35 courses. There are 30 squares and 5 boxes each with approx. 24 high inner compartments. This means that shoes, books, pans, laundry and other items can be stored stably. The point is, that the case is rotated 360 degrees, because an integrated metal hook is attached to the holder, where the organizer will hang. Keep many used items in hand reach. The beautiful organizer is the ideal hanging cabinet for the whole house. Keep the children's rooms in order. Stuffed animals, puzzles and building blocks find a place in the dust box. The decoration items are not included with the delivery.

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Item nr17930
Content per box8 pieces
Contents per pallet120 pieces
Length box70 cm
Width box36 cm
Height box32 cm
Weight box11,000 gram


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€ 3.99 x 8 pieces = € 31.92

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