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2 Lions Sabatier Peeling knife 9 cm


2 Lions Sabatier Peeling knife 9 cm.
Small, lightweight knife for peeling fruits and vegetables, cutting, cleaning and decorating.
Also suitable for preparing meat. Hardened steel blade with molybdenum and vanadium in order to retain sharpness.
High corrosion resistance. Comfortable handle with ergonomic design of highly POM,
smooth structure so extra hygienic and easy to clean.
Securely attached to the blade with three claws.
Hand protection front and rear to prevent slipping. Dishwasher.
Easy to sharpen with sharpening steel.

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Item nr09141
Content per box6 pieces
Contents per pallet3,600 pieces
Length box27 cm
Width box9 cm
Height box4 cm
Weight box550 gram


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€ 2.90 x 6 pieces = € 17.40

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